Corporate Events & Outings

Whoever said company events can improve employee morale, promote team chemistry, and lead to increased productivity was right. Successful company get-togethers engage employees and encourage internal networking.  Thriving businesses make social events a regular work activity and enjoy benefits that feature high retention, an experienced talent pool, and a work culture that employees find difficult to abandon.

Company events generally have one of three themes: (1) networking, (2) rewards for a team accomplishment, or (3) team-building.  Networking events are regular gatherings after a work day or an annual occasion like the company's holiday party.  Rewards for team accomplishment are more irregular and tend to be of a social nature. Common activities include outings to sporting or events, a dinner, or social gathering at an off-site establishment.  Team-building occasions tend to feature motivational tasks in the form of competitive games - e.g. team sports or charitable races, presentations by knowledgeable and inspiring speakers - e.g. conferences or seminars.

But who at your firm really has the desire and time to schedule the retreat, confirm the guest speaker, plan the holiday party, organize the softball meet, call the bowling alley, book the private room at the restaurant, guess the perfect weather day for golfing, or hire the right caterer? That's right, me. I want to help. Give me a call and I will work with you to plan, organize, and execute the right event for your organization.