Special Occasions

If you've hosted a party before, you learned quickly that 'small' tasks can add up to a large undertaking.  Who's bringing what dish? How much food is too much? Did the bakery say the cake will be ready at 4pm or do they close at 4pm? Who's going to help with the decor? Does Aunt Milly know about cousin Jared's party? She is not on social media. Who's going to help get the room ready?  Who's going to help clean up? Who's getting the ice? Where do I setup the DJ? 

There are many occasions that call for a celebration. I have helped clients with planning a variety of celebratory events like wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers,  family reunions, 4th of July parties, and many more.  Some elements of the planning and coordinating process I can help with include your event's theme, décor, venue selection, vendor negotiations, and entertainment booking. Whether you have a unique or tried-and-proven reason to host a private event, I would like to help.