Table 19

Instructor: Jenny Kumina

Networking Event

How to plan a successful...

Consider the purpose of networking... meeting and exchanging contacts with colleagues to build a professional relationship that goes beyond transactions. Networkers want to make the correct first impression and the event is the first step.

Esther Mokazie

Thanksgiving Dinner

How to host the perfect...

It's not all about the turkey.  Thanksgiving dinners are usually dreaded by the host but they don't have to be. Attend our complete Thanksgiving prep class to be prepared for everything from overly picky relatives to reluctant guests.

Sue Mcmillan

Event Décor

How to be a complete pro at...

The right decor at the wrong event can alter the mood of guests and have unintended consequences.  What about the wrong décor? You can leave that to everyone else once you've taken our class on decorating for your event on any budget.

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